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You Don't Have to Walk Alone

NuShus is a life solutions company looking to help individuals discover their potential, learn to harness their gifts and grow their success. We walk with you as you push yourself beyond what has bound you in the past. We help you break down barriers so that you can live a productive life free from old habits that hold you back.


Life Coaching

You don't have to stay stuck in the rut your in!  At NuShus, we will help you figure out what your next path in life is and we will walk side by side with you, supporting the exploration of who you are, who you want to be and how to achieve your goals. 

Accountability Partner

Did you know that you increase your chance of success by 95 percent when meeting with an accountability partner?* That's what NuShus is here for! We will continually check in on your progress to keep you accountable and focused.

*According to a study performed by the American Society of Training and Development

Parenting Guide

Successfully communicating and breaking through to your child is possible! At NuShus we give you the tools you need to create a happy and healthy relationship with your child. Parenting can be hard, but you don't have to do it alone!


Motivated by Success

Owner and coach, Joshua Shuster, has always been motivated by success, both his own and others. An entrepreneur, Josh's dream was to create an organization that helped others find and achieve their purpose.

"I want to help people take the steps they need to achieve their idea of success. And if they don’t know what that is, I help them find it."

-Joshua Shuster

What Clients Are Saying

"Josh Shuster and his programs offer great change and growth for educators and leaders in any field, not just the education entity. Through his passion and dedication to changing lives, he brings success and comfort to all that he encounters."

-James C. Stroud, Ph. D Child and Adolescent Psychology, Ball State University

Josh believed in me before he even knew me. It takes a lot for me to get out of my comfort zone, so thanks for the challenge! I am humbled at the gift he has given me to believe in myself enough to give grad school a shot!"

-Rose Hendrix

"Josh is amazing and has helped me look at the big picture of my life and helped me see more clearly the path I want to take. Thank you!"


"Josh has taught us to always look to the positive, never look back and always keep fighting."


"Josh has always taught us that no matter how bad life gets there is always an upside. He has been an amazing part of our lives and we love him dearly."



If you are ready to change and know that all you need is a little guidance and support, it's time to let us help!



Conveniently located in Indianapolis, IN

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I have to remind myself of this sometimes. We all need to replenish our energies to bring ourselves back to abundance.
Hello Everyone! These are trying times that we live in and greatness is just around the corner. When we keep striving to become our authentic selves, then our authentic selves becomes the way the world views us!

I am inviting anyone who has a company and has a desire to grow, or is presently struggling in an area. You would be a great candidate for us to help (as long as the business is not looking for immediate funding)!

A business coaching opportunity and FREE VIDEO CALL on Monday or Tuesday. If you wish to join me for this 30-min zoom session, please list the time that you're available and I will send you the link.

Monday the 30th @ 2p or 7p EST.

Tuesday the 31st @ 2p or 7p EST.

I look forward to hearing from you beautiful people!
Good things are coming!!
Happy Friday!
Experience your feelings. Allow yourself to truly feel, only then will you be enlightened.