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It’s Possible

Today is a day of greatness. It is beautiful and you are beautiful. It is okay to feel lost and lonely, and it is also okay to feel happy and comforted. Not every day is going to be your greatest, but you must strive to make every day great. Do not get lost in sorrow. Do not get lost in greed. Find your happiness. Find your passion. Find your love. 
It's okay to think of the bad times, but you must learn to refocus on the good times, because they are far greater. It is okay to feel lost and lonely, as long as you know that you are not alone. Every person deals with a new issue each day, but it is not about what happens to us, it is about how we react to what happens.
Just remember, it does not matter where you are. It matters where you are going, and as long as you keep moving, it does not matter how long it takes. Continue to build. Continue to grow. Be happy. Be sad. Be appreciative. Be proud, because you are here. And as long as you are here, then you can be great.

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