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Archive for September 2019

Go with the Flow

I learned to let this happen to some things. The biggest lesson I learned is to trust myself and do for myself just as much as I do for others. Only when I am intentional about bettering myself that’s when I can be the best and bettering others! 🤗

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Congrats to My Love!

What makes me happiest, in this world, is when people follow their passion and dreams! The cherry on top, is when it’s someone I am close to and love dearly! Today, Nathan Kyle Rook begins his journey through his passion at Aveda Fredric’s Institute! He is stoked, and so is the school, to have him!…

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Don’t Sleep on Life

Wake up. Go. Strive. Build. Grow. Run. Dream. Create. Execute. Prove. Do what you want. Be who you want. Never let anyone tell you that you cannot. Only allow those around you who tell you that you can. And once people look at you in awe and YOU look at yourself in awe and think,…

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