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Seriously, folks - you increase your chance of success by 95 percent when meeting with an accountability partner. Let us help!

(From the American Society of Training and Development)

Focus. Inspiration. Motivation.

NuShus Life Solutions helps our clients keep their focus as they strive to reach their goals. We do so by offering inspiration and motivation to keep going when you get tired, begin doubting yourself or inevitably face some sort of life challenge that catches you off guard. We are here to remind you that no matter what, you can do it!


Celebrate Victories

It’s nice to have people cheering you on. People need more of that in the world. We’re here to share in your success!


Be Encouraged

Everyone stumbles and we are here to remind you on your off days that you are worthy of the effort you are making to go after your dreams!


Conquer Obstacles

We will give you tips and tricks about how to conquer the obstacles life throws your way.

A Nu Friend

Going after your goals is exciting. We're here to be your biggest cheerleader with our monthly accountability program.

What to Expect

Weekly Declarations

Introduction Meeting

Three weekly check-ins during designated times 

We Also Offer Life Coaching!

Accountability partnership is great for those who know what their goals are and just need someone to help keep them on track. For those who need help identifying their life direction and establishing their goals, life coaching is the perfect solution!


If you are ready to change and know that all you need is a little guidance and support, it's time to let us help!



Conveniently located in Indianapolis, IN

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